Cool Ways to Use a Projector at Events

Are you in the events industry looking to shake things up and introduce the public back to your event with a bang? You’ve landed in the right place. We have set up some exciting ideas to get your outdoor or indoor event going using projectors. The way events have travelled and expanded over the years it is so important to keep evolving with the changing times and introducing the element of light projection through interesting holographic displays and interactive white boards are a fantastic place to begin.

Whether you’re a wedding planner, events DJ, artist or just looking on to put on a great show in an exhibition hall, choosing the right projector can be hard. The biggest challenge you are presented with is your location and the key is to ensure you’ve selected the best projector for the job and the right projector for the space. If you’re unsure of where to start you can do some online research for reputable projector specialists who can give you the best information based on what you need, the size of your audience and quality of picture required.

So, what are the cool ways you can use your projector? 

Laser Shows 

Laser shows make fantastic event openings, there is nothing like getting your guests in the events mood than some uplifting music paired with a fantastic light show. All you need is the right projector and the right software to create your opening act.

 Paint A Mural

Do you have an artistic flare or are you putting on an art show? You can paint a live mural using the stencil projected on a large scale. This is a beautiful way to get your audience captivated. You can even encourage participation by beginning the mural with a high contrast black and white image and getting your audience to fill in the gaps with colour.

Using Nature as A Backdrop

 If you’re creating an outdoor event, you can consider projecting moving or still images onto trees and watch the textures and definition create the wow factor for your audience. This is an interesting way to create a fantastic event aesthetic without having to spend too much on your decoration and props. Simply use nature as your backdrop.

 Optical Camouflage

 Optical camouflage or, ‘The Invisibility Cloak Effect’ is the process of projecting an image of the background onto a highly reflective material. The result of this being the material blending into the background of the image. For example, if you were to walk in front of the projected image wearing a highly reflective material, you would appear invisible. How cool is this?! This will certainly have event attendants swarming around your area.

Factors to consider when choosing a projector:


  • Resolution
  • Space
  • Connectivity
  • Use
  • Space

 Be sure to get in touch with a projector specialist and do your research online, check out reviews and read up about customer experience.