Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Emphasizes Appetite For Better Products, Reveals Customer-Forward Innovation

The global COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world, public health, and how we interact and interface. Life was fundamentally changed overnight from rampant lockdowns to extensive masking and vaccination protocols.

In the years since the passing of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have fundamentally changed as a people. Outdoor gatherings have become increasingly popular, and the outdoors has become an extension of the living root. The American Institution of Architects report revealed that outdoor living spaces have become even more popular and requested in the past several years. A study by ReportLinker further emphasized the growing rate of outdoor furniture sales, pointing out the expectation that the industry will reach $61 billion by 2028.

Embracing Hybrid Shopping With Keter Group

Keter hired Alejandro Pena as its CEO in 2017 to help with its onward expansion into new markets. Alejandro Pena took over the job before the COVID-19 pandemic, but his efforts would soon be directed toward the event itself.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, Keter embraced the growth of hybridized shopping by aiming to reach consumers wherever they were the most comfortable shopping.

Alejandro Pena said of his team’s efforts during the pandemic, “We will serve our customers wherever they are, whenever they want, in every possible way they want.”

Pena added, “Whichever way customers want to engage, we will be there.”

More than just a promise, Pena has worked to implement the goals that he stated above. Keter’s digital presence has improved in recent years, landing them on leading e-commerce sites while focusing on delivering more opportunities to customers.

Stepping Into the Shoes of a Customer

Keter found itself at a competitive advantage when it took time to set itself inside the shoes of its consumers. Pena believes Keter needed to understand what customers loved and bring more of it to them.

Pena touted the company’s beneficial and sustainable resin material as one of the leading reasons for its success. Pena said, “Keter products are significantly more durable than many outdoor products, and they’re made from recycled materials.”

Alejandro Pena said, “We are innovators; we invent what’s new and next, and we do it with a sustainable mindset and consciousness.”

Keteraimsg provides consumers with professional products that are as affordable as they are impressive. Keter’s products are often designed to last with a maintenance finish that won’t fade over time. Keter develops sheds, deck boxes, end tables, kitchen carts, and other outdoor furniture products.