Production and Productivity – Factors Affecting Productivity


Production refers back to the volume value or volume of products or services created throughout a given period with a worker plant firm or economy. It’s the price tag of results achieved through the various factors used together.


Productivity isn’t worried about the level of production. It’s the ratio of output and input factors of the enterprise. It footwear the efficiency of production or even the efficiency amounts of input factors.

Factors Affecting Industrial Productivity:

Productivity is determined to become some ratio between output and input individuals all factors which affect output and inputs may also affects the way of measuring productivity. The next factors modify the productivity.

a) Technological Development:

Technological factors including the quality of mechanization, how recycleables, layout and also the method and methods of labor determine the amount of technological rise in any industry. The main element in technological development affecting productivity is

b) How big the guarana plant:

How big the guarana plant and also the capacity utilization has direct effect on productivity. Production below or over the optimum level is going to be uneconomical and can tend towards lower degree of productivity.

b) Development and research:

Purchase of development and research may yield better approach to work and design and excellence of products.

c) Plant and Job Layout:

The arrangement of machines and position within the plant and also the setup from the used-bench of the individual labored determines how economically and efficiently production is going to be ferried out.

d) Machine and Equipment Design:

Whether style of machinery and equipments is modern maintaining true using the limitations and capacities from the workers may also determine the development efficiently and degree of productivity.

e) Production Processes:

Advanced Production processes involving using modern integrated and automatic machinery and semi processed material happen to be known to aid in raising amounts of productivity.

f) Power Recycleables:

Improved quality of recycleables and elevated utilization of power possess a favorable impact on productivity.

g) Scientific Management:

Scientific management techniques for example better planning of labor simplifications of the way some time and modern study emphasis for reduced wastage and splilling have results on productivity.

2. Individual Factors:

Individual factor for example understanding skill and attitude also modify the productivity of industry. Understanding is needed or acquired through training education and interest for lecturer. Skill is impacted by aptitude, personality, education, experience, training etc.

a) Organization Factors:

Organization factor include various steps taken through the organization towards maintaining better industrial relations for example delegation and decentralization of authority. These 4 elements also influence motivation likewise the presence of group, with greater productivity as clients meet prone to lead towards the organization objectives.