Simply The Best: Why Cloud Storage Runs The Game

Cloud storage is easily the number one data management technology. And whilst there are so many storage service providers throughout Australia, this field has advanced so far that large organisations even have their own offsite cloud storage facilities.

But why is cloud storage the best data management Australia has available? What is it that separates it from the likes of server-based and traditional (aka essentially obsolete!) storage systems?

Let’s find out below:

  • It is the most accessible, usable system available

Don’t try to fool yourself: absolutely nothing compares to the cloud’s accessibility and hyper usability. The simple-to-use interface (complete with drag-and-drop functionality) makes uploading a file easy, and then easily retrieving it from a different device with access to that cloud like it was nothing.

Essentially, so long as you have a stable internet connection and a device, you can access your files from wherever you may find yourself.

  • Security is much less a concern

We all know that security is key when it comes to the net. If you don’t have a secure storage service you are putting yourself, your clients and staff at serious risk, and cloud storage can provide an excellent level of security for anyone who has their details with your organisation.

This is because the cloud storage service saves your information across obsolete servers, and so even if a data centre collapses, one of the other centres will manage your information, thus ensuring your information is safe and secure.

If all of the service provider’s centres are destroyed, then only your information could be lost, but this is a near-impossible situation as there are thousands of centres working to protect your information.

Finally, if your information were to be lost, most providers keep backups to ensure that it is still easily retrievable in the event of a loss.

  • It is a cost-effective option for businesses big & small

Through utilising just the cloud storage service, your organisation will outsource its storage issues. Through utilising online storage networks, your organisation will reduce internal resource expenses. This technology does not require inner support or power to store and manage information – the provider does it all. There are certain providers that give storage a lifetime plan for a great price, which is fantastic for everyone involved as this is truly the best data management Australia has available.

  • It makes file-sharing easy

File-sharing features are off the charts with cloud storage, making it easy to share your files with other users. You can easily send one file to a colleague or invite numerous users into the mix to see the info. Most providers have a feature where two users with the same service can share important information, and many also offer cross-platform file sharing features to further simplify the feature.

  • It’s an automation delight

Looking for the ultimate way to store files to store files without any hassle? Naturally, this is the cloud, especially when you consider its outrageously solid multi-user capabilities, which includes providing responsibilities to specific users without harming the task of another. This is all possible because the information is automated and managed via the cloud provider.

As you can see, cloud storage services eclipse that of server-based and traditional storage methods, with the sheer fact that they are the most advanced technology, saying all there is about their accessibility, security and usability.

If you’ve been deciding which one is most suitable for your organisation, we hope that this piece has cleared up any doubts you have had, as we certainly know which system we would choose, every time…