The Advantages of Getting Your eCommerce License in Dubai

As one of the best-loved online activities around the world, shopping has made e-commerce one of the fastest-growing global industries in recent years.

The main purpose of e-commerce is to buy and sell goods and services via the internet. Therefore it should come as no surprise then that it is necessary to possess an eCommerce license in Dubai in order to run an online store. This is because it isn’t possible to start an online business without the government’s permission first. Hence, the best way to get that permission is to apply for an eCommerce license in Dubai.

An eCommerce license may be just what you need if you want to take your business to the next level. Here are some reasons why your business should get an eCommerce license in Dubai!

  1. Operate from Anywhere

Having an e-commerce trading license in the UAE allows entrepreneurs to do business from anywhere in the world and take advantage of the UAE’s favourable tax environment. A free zone is an excellent location for setting up an e-commerce business since it offers 0% corporate and personal tax, 100% company ownership, 100% repatriation of profits and capital, no currency restrictions, and no import and export tax among a range of other benefits.

  1. Convenient Setup

The UAE is a great place to conveniently set up your e-commerce business. As long as you meet the licensing requirements, you can now be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) within 90 minutes if you wish to establish a business on the mainland. Setting up in a free zone is a quick and easy process as well. You can usually get a license in as little as two working days with just a passport copy and a few other details.

  1. Affordable Setup

Getting started with your e-commerce business in the UAE is not only easy and quick, but also affordable. You can get an e-commerce free zone licence for as little as AED 15,500, and you don’t need to take on expensive physical office space. Moreover, since no paid up share capital is required, the setup costs are extremely low.

  1. Multiple Visa Options

The UAE e-commerce trading licence offers you a wide range of visa options when setting up your business. As long as you meet the criteria for office space (as above), you can apply for unlimited visas for your employees. On the other hand, you can set up your e-commerce business in a UAE free zone while abroad without needing a visa or even an entry stamp.

  1. Sponsor Dependants for Their Visas as Well

It is very simple to sponsor your dependents for their visa applications, in addition to applying for plenty of visas for your employees. Visas can be obtained for anyone, whether spouses, children, maids, or drivers following four straightforward steps: entry permit, status adjustment, medical fitness test, and finally Emirates ID registration and visa stamping.

  1. Set up with Multiple Shareholders

Your UAE e-commerce trading license gives you the option of going it alone; however, you don’t have to. A business may be established with a maximum of 50 shareholders, either individuals, corporations, or even a combination of both.

E-commerce in the UAE

It is possible to engage in e-commerce from anywhere in the world with minimal tools, making it even more irresistible than other industries. The amazing financial and tax benefits of doing business in the UAE will still apply to your eCommerce company wherever in the world you may be, if you register it here in Dubai. This is a truly unique opportunity sure to benefit you throughout your business journey.