What makes Matthew McConaughey Popular with his Fans?

Mathhew McConaughey has been the finest actor of his generation. This talented Hollywood actor had spent most of his time during the first two decades of his career wasting it in unwatchable action-adventures and not easily remembered romantic comedies. However, in 2011, he started doing good movies. Since then, the actor has been a star in his performance. He has given the cine world memorable movies displaying his finest acting skills.

Award-winning performance of Matthew McConaughey

Between 2011 and 2014, McConaughey had done a series of movies starring in critically acclaimed roles. His list of directors has been inclusive of Martin Scorsese and Steven Soderbergh. You would admire his talent in movies like Magic Mike, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Paperboy, and the much acclaimed and Oscar-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club. The actor had teamed up with Texan Woody Harrelson for the first season of the True Detective on HBO. You could go through Matthew McConaughey photos on various sites showing his charming smile.

Matthew McConaughey also did a few infamous car commercials. He also starred in the prestige blockbuster from yet another A-list director, Christopher Nolan. He starred in Interstellar by Nolan in 2014. Matthew McConaughey also appeared in various unwatchable barely marketed movies such as the Free State of Jones, The Sea of Trees, Gold and White Boy Rick Serenity, The Beach Bum, and returned to the blockbuster in The Dark Tower. Sony dumped this series of movies in the theaters with the hope that no one would watch them. It almost worked for them.

Voice roles by Matthew McConaughey

However, before the McConaissance, Matthew McConaughey has a few voice roles to do. He has a few charming voice roles in the CGI- animated Sing as a smooth-talking koala bear, a samurai beetle in Kubo, and the Two Strings. Most of his fans were left wondering whether he forgot to read the script before agreeing to be in a movie.

Moreover, his role in The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie might also not be able to answer the question completely. However, the role was not something that McConaughey would take during his golden time from 2011 to 2014. The movie has been based around McConaughey playing the character of a charming and vaguely menacing Mickey Pearson, a person who has built himself as a powerful marijuana business in the UK. He is looking forward to selling and enjoying a peaceful retirement from the stresses entailed in the business.